Environmental Commitments

Sanalloy is committed to shaping both the environment and the future.

As part of our environmental conservation endeavors, we take pride in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

  • Promotion of green offices through tree planting initiatives

  • Regular weeding and litter collection around factories and their vicinity

  • Use of eco-friendly office supplies such as those with Eco Mark certification

  • Reduction of copy paper usage

  • Promoting maximum reuse and recycling of waste materials

  • Reduction of waste volume through a "zero defects" approach

  • Use of recyclable packaging free from polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

  • Optimization of the packaging to reduce waste

  • Promotion of low-emission vehicles for company-owned cars

  • Reduction of electricity usage during break times through the utilization of outdoor air

  • Implementation of water-saving measures

  • Introduction of "Warm Biz" and "Cool Biz" initiatives for combating global warming

  • Research and development of ultra-long-life products